27de650 root Install own citoid instance master
564518a root Add license file
1fc54b5 root [logstash] Fix missing plugins and false configur…
0e4ee26 root Update ELK stack
994d37a Jenkins CI Merge "Add missing monit manifest and template"
ff49618 root Add missing monit manifest and template
8e3ead5 root Remove unused functions from wmflib
7193e19 root Add certificate checks to monit
b0e0747 root Fix syntax for postfix ssl settings
8ba067c root Changes for certbot
fe8b111 root Use new live link for certificates of droidwiki.d…
0ced6b1 Jenkins CI Merge changes from topic 'device/space'
9be6fa5 Jenkins CI Merge "Fix missing vmail user"
eb5a029 root Add mediawiki logrotate
10f65d8 root Add new monit checks for disk space
50be232 root Fix missing vmail user
d265f0b root Redirect https://droidwiki.org to https://www.dro…
7770030 root Change data.droidwiki.de to data.droidwiki.org
07a507d root Change droidwiki.de to droidwiki.org
3745a77 Jenkins CI Merge "Change owner of jobrunner directory to www…
1df1e4f root Use present as package_ensure instead of latest f…
b5d6168 root Change owner of jobrunner directory to www-data
6a47830 Jenkins CI Merge "Reload nginx when certbot updates the cert…
68a3319 root Reload nginx when certbot updates the certificates
46edd5f root Update puppetboard to master
99d63de root Set www-data as user and group for /data/mediawik…
072a124 root Remove old manifest and old comment
2189946 root Add admin module from WMF for user management
be24bd9 Jenkins CI Merge "Add NFS for shareddata storage"
d9f3b6f Jenkins CI Merge "Move missionrhode.go2tech.de to donut.dwne…
6fc7d58 root Add NFS for shareddata storage
a32a750 Florian Schmidt Merge "Change permissions of mediawiki directorie…
958577c root Move missionrhode.go2tech.de to donut.dwnet
731d2f0 Jenkins CI Merge "Puppetize Jenkins"
db799c3 root Puppetize Jenkins
1f57ec1 root Change permissions of mediawiki directories
7c93011 root Fix permissions for mediawiki log directory
323c470 root Change mediawiki log directory to /data/log/media…
0e5bac6 root Manage elasticsearch with puppet
abb1dee root HHVM logs -> rsyslog -> logstash
8880f31 root Clean-up droidwiki module
135cb53 root Remove puppet firewall rule and add dhcp
da96eac Jenkins CI Merge "Add logrotate to hhvm logs"
cfa807a root Add rsyslog logging to logstash
cfb7794 root Add logrotate to hhvm logs
3e81f80 root Remove grafana and graphite as well as statsd
ad71be8 root Filter mediawiki log messages for a bit better ou…
82639de root Add logstash and kibana as central logging instan…
04c2bee root Change the remaining manifests to use Let's Encry…
b387fe1 Jenkins CI Merge "Don't be restrict with helo command"
dfd0d34 root Don't be restrict with helo command
c7b4f8c root Add tagmail module for tagmail reports
97da3f9 root Fix broken SSL configuration for nginx on eclair.…
58333c4 Jenkins CI Merge "Enable ssl for more sites"
e6c6ff9 root Change StartCom to LE as CA for droidwiki.de and …
9325753 root Enable ssl for more sites
70e3719 root Enable www.go2tech.de site
8e7721d root Change command for certbot-auto renew cron
4dfb7e1 root Enable OCSP Stapling for blog.go2tech.de
b1d752e root Add new certbot role for let's encrypt and try it…
3907e90 Jenkins CI Merge "Enable OCSP Stapling for all ssl hosts"
cbf4ac6 root Add HSTS for go2tech.de
ddbd466 root Enable OCSP Stapling for all ssl hosts
3b7fb10 Florian Schmidt Monitor mariadb slave
b2f49c0 Jenkins CI Merge "Follow up postfix settings"
52f15c2 Jenkins CI Merge "Puppetize monit"
d0db976 Florian Schmidt Follow up postfix settings
1eb4699 Florian Schmidt Puppetize monit
586708d Florian Schmidt Centralize mailserver configuration
bbd7c1c Florian Schmidt Change default db server to donut
457f655 Florian Schmidt Puppetize automysqlbackup
a28950d Florian Schmidt Follow up misconfigured ipv6 support
447f67c Florian Schmidt Fix missing IPv6 support in nginx vhosts
6806cfb Florian Schmidt Add new site missionrhode.go2tech.de
edbd81f Florian Schmidt Cleanup ambiguous file owner/group membership
afc045a Florian Schmidt Add xhgui.go2tech.de as frontend for profiling
742c2a6 Florian Schmidt Add MongoDB module and profilinghost role
66ebf0a Florian Schmidt Add donut.go2tech.de handler to nginx
b73c7a5 Florian Schmidt Remove go2tech.de/pwm vhost
b3abd75 Florian Schmidt Allow the * wildcard in sender_login_maps destina…
f048688 Florian Schmidt Redirect droidwiki.org to droidwiki.de
e3b4c1d Florian Schmidt Add missing port for graphite.go2tech.de
af31895 Florian Schmidt Remove facts.json
6129bc7 Florian Schmidt Remove local hieradata nodes file puppet.speedpor…
f3676e4 Florian Schmidt Add missing dependency for stankevich/python
2ddeba5 Florian Schmidt Remove ganglia code and replace by submodule
929c8b8 Florian Schmidt Add README file
ec9b2cf Florian Schmidt Puppetize mediawiki service jobrunner and jobchron
e102d1b Jenkins CI Merge "Puppetize postfix as a first step for the …
b07c711 Florian Schmidt Puppetize postfix as a first step for the go2tech…
e8b49ba Florian Schmidt Deploy certificate files with puppet
7176ebd Florian Schmidt Fix ganglia inclusion
91ad113 Florian Schmidt Fix hiera setup
e27299e Florian Schmidt Configure ganglia with hiera
6d7c9ef Florian Schmidt Change article path from droidwiki.de/ to droidwi…
f87e9c3 Florian Schmidt Puppetize nginx and hhvm configuration
8708ef1 Florian Schmidt Remove stdlib files and replace with submodule
f4ec44c root Fix iptables rule for gerrit
7e1ee9c root Disable puppetboards query module
042a00e root Don't apply python-dev and python-all-dev to one …