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2a41925 root Fix certificate path for postfix master
27de650 root Install own citoid instance
564518a root Add license file
1fc54b5 root [logstash] Fix missing plugins and false configur…
0e4ee26 root Update ELK stack
994d37a Jenkins CI Merge "Add missing monit manifest and template"
ff49618 root Add missing monit manifest and template
8e3ead5 root Remove unused functions from wmflib
7193e19 root Add certificate checks to monit
b0e0747 root Fix syntax for postfix ssl settings
8ba067c root Changes for certbot
fe8b111 root Use new live link for certificates of droidwiki.d…
0ced6b1 Jenkins CI Merge changes from topic 'device/space'
9be6fa5 Jenkins CI Merge "Fix missing vmail user"
eb5a029 root Add mediawiki logrotate
10f65d8 root Add new monit checks for disk space