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af2f5c3 Florian Schmidt Merge "Install WikibaseCreateLink" master
909e48c Florian Disable login with
e050d56 Florian Install WikibaseCreateLink
95263cb Jenkins CI Merge "Use for citoid requests"
5d2d531 Florian Use for citoid requests
6443e22 Florian Add license file
0552634 Florian Add Flow to opswiki
2e3f9b6 Florian Fix usage of undefined constants on Wikibase clie…
dbbbdb7 Jenkins CI Merge "Use custom LogstashFormatter"
0c2a941 Florian Fix permissions for groups created in InitialiseS…
4051cdf Florian Change setup of entity namespace configuration
38f7f22 Florian Externalize db config to db.php
0d97a1b Florian Add changesDatabase for WB client
ac1646d Florian Change to
ef408c1 Florian Change MediaWiki configuration to nre domain droi…
a8bc51d Florian Re-apply merge-plugin settings for extension comp…