2 months agoAdd new extension Flow master
root []
Add new extension Flow

Change-Id: I727f27b042c82fe9c56e2d33dda52d2348a6128f

5 months agoMerge "Add tests for new extension CiteThisPage"
Florian Schmidt []
Merge "Add tests for new extension CiteThisPage"

5 months agoAdd tests for new extension CiteThisPage
root []
Add tests for new extension CiteThisPage

Change-Id: Ic9e2e652e86ad86c3dbc733cacf1cc2a340e7981

5 months agoFix setup-composer path
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Fix setup-composer path

Change-Id: I121d1a41f17cd0199183fe4630932195faf539f5

8 months agoAdd new extension XenForoAuth
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Add new extension XenForoAuth

Change-Id: I592dfd4fa30959babd81a94835a2698b3dedf57e
Also: Don't cleanup workspace on failures.

8 months agoRework MediaWiki installation process
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Rework MediaWiki installation process

Now uses sqlite as a database backend, instead of semi-production
mysql for tests. Also, take over some ideas and implementations
from Wikimedia jenkins ci setup:

Change-Id: I64d694faee94270bea59849d9903c6228497623e

11 months agoAdd new extension GeoData
root []
Add new extension GeoData

Change-Id: I5f93f240b86df1084dc14c4b2dc64c3b07cc3e61

11 months agoAdd puppet jobs
root []
Add puppet jobs

Configured for droidwiki/operations/puppet.

Change-Id: I064d5e0f4dfed618f95ecae0b66f31fead176e79

11 months agoAdd jobs for OATHAuth
root []
Add jobs for OATHAuth

Change-Id: Ia14bb8bc8814330cea2a2ce4ca1fce4787ad8166

11 months agoAdd Wikibase jobs
root []
Add Wikibase jobs

Change-Id: Ibe292e33e07cfeee16e350a88f76a0ef1dfe3260

15 months agoRemove --with-phpunitdir from phpunit test runner script
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Remove --with-phpunitdir from phpunit test runner script

The support for a non-composer phpunit was removed in commit
b61be675497ff1beb22e7ee4105faf8be3e090a1. Remove this parameter to avoid
test failings because of non-supported parameter usage.

Change-Id: I73c80bf1f5e78cb6ccc397262ee508b1192cc1e3
See: https://github.com/wikimedia/mediawiki/commit/b61be675497ff1beb22e7ee4105faf8be3e090a1

16 months agoAdd dependencies to Citoid, Cite and VE
root []
Add dependencies to Citoid, Cite and VE

Change-Id: I6df6d788807ce535eb80a6164c26c32c65bf80f3

16 months agoAdd new jobs for WikimediaMaintenance
root []
Add new jobs for WikimediaMaintenance

Change-Id: I3fa3d86c3da99528ba2641a2ef1fe059fcf8c7d4

16 months agoSeveral changes to Jenkins jobs and zuul layout
root []
Several changes to Jenkins jobs and zuul layout

- Run composer and npm for droidwiki/core
- Run composer in verbose mode
- Make the "recheck" magic word less restrictive (works with votes now, too, except

Change-Id: I9471cc268465375ce344634807017e5d058c6dd7

17 months agoAdd new pipeline deployment
root []
Add new pipeline deployment

Which can be processed without any dependencies, all changes are in different
projects and doesn't depend on each other in the way, like the DependentPipelineManager
works. Needs the right to add a Deploy +2.

Change-Id: I08c2ee713e30750b1333b3b68a4952521c11938e

17 months agoMerge "Add new tests for GoogleSiteLinksSearchBox"
florian.schmidt.welzow []
Merge "Add new tests for GoogleSiteLinksSearchBox"

17 months agoAdd new tests for GoogleSiteLinksSearchBox
root []
Add new tests for GoogleSiteLinksSearchBox

Change-Id: I57c98e6412a6d197a8f925cd59efbb411ec5d575

17 months agoAdd npm job
root []
Add npm job

Change-Id: I40f737461acc83b90255609cc7c457ba557cdd40

18 months agoUpdate jenkins job builder config
root []
Update jenkins job builder config

Change-Id: I673c5d7d021ac6b4096d2fb1bcd6211b9714b78d

18 months agoMerge "Add new extensions Translate and UniversalLanguageSelector"
Florian Schmidt []
Merge "Add new extensions Translate and UniversalLanguageSelector"

18 months agoAdd new extensions Translate and UniversalLanguageSelector
root []
Add new extensions Translate and UniversalLanguageSelector

Change-Id: I2c85018fcdff348a42e1168f447d06719be54893

18 months agoUse phph instead of php for jenkins php tests
root []
Use phph instead of php for jenkins php tests

Change-Id: I1da34d6a0f020be718324ed5b4eb38682c4019dc

19 months agoMerge "Don't try to clone droidwiki/core/vendor"
Florian Schmidt []
Merge "Don't try to clone droidwiki/core/vendor"

19 months agoRemove CyanogenModDev from zuul and jenkins
root []
Remove CyanogenModDev from zuul and jenkins

Bug: T4
Change-Id: I2b1c0a3713c5644c5a495d99c2416dc3877429ad

19 months agoDon't try to clone droidwiki/core/vendor
root []
Don't try to clone droidwiki/core/vendor

It's not needed anymore, CI can fetch composer dependencies now.

Change-Id: Ia7467238b0244d2d09c8ce225b8a3da2b9a85848

19 months agoFix path to scripts
root []
Fix path to scripts

Change-Id: I6101e9f82f70166ac996136ed896fa592850022c

19 months agoAdd new LdapAuthentication extension
root []
Add new LdapAuthentication extension

Change-Id: If363fde706579559b03fe31053403444a9d9a4fe

19 months agoUpdate CI configuration
root []
Update CI configuration

Change-Id: I02da603b24b73abe2f53efbe85f77c70c502c549

19 months agoAdd bin folder
Florianschmidtwelzow []
Add bin folder

Change-Id: Iedef4f460e1ac490acfab42d72f7d135bdeb85f8

19 months agoAdd initial data
Florianschmidtwelzow []
Add initial data

Change-Id: Ie9d2754e18fc5201143621b795023ba637cca814

19 months agoAdd .gitreview
Florianschmidtwelzow []
Add .gitreview

Change-Id: I26dd5ba3524a764a88b959d10b14ed8522daca16

19 months agoInitial empty repository
Florian Schmidt []
Initial empty repository