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5ea73ee root Add new extension Flow master
cf3ef21 Florian Schmidt Merge "Add tests for new extension CiteThisPage"
64c73c1 root Add tests for new extension CiteThisPage
c0eae61 root Fix setup-composer path
efe5ba9 root Add new extension XenForoAuth
9e79f32 root Rework MediaWiki installation process
9adc55c root Add new extension GeoData
46f860e root Add puppet jobs
77579b8 root Add jobs for OATHAuth
100426c root Add Wikibase jobs
c5e1ebf root Remove --with-phpunitdir from phpunit test runner…
1c7ead9 root Add dependencies to Citoid, Cite and VE
c0d8546 root Add new jobs for WikimediaMaintenance
a04669c root Several changes to Jenkins jobs and zuul layout
d0adfbb root Add new pipeline deployment
64ea394 Merge "Add new tests for GoogleSiteLinksSearchBox"