8 months agoUpdate XenForoAuth to 1.28.0-wmf.21 master
Florian []
Update XenForoAuth to 1.28.0-wmf.21

Forward to f37fdf8807dcb445fb42584ff7d02e63d7998958

Change-Id: Ic84f5985db1ebc4c2fa11d5fb8924b963d41b5f7

8 months agoi18n: Link to Special:MyLanguage on mediawiki.org
Florian Schmidt []
i18n: Link to Special:MyLanguage on mediawiki.org

Change-Id: I5b67d48abb6ebab5e2c227bba97e54a0e854317b

8 months agoFix image link and add e-mail to autocraeted user
Florian Schmidt []
Fix image link and add e-mail to autocraeted user

The auto-created user should have the same e-mail address as the xenforo user.
XenForoAuth now adds this e-mail and sends an authentication link.

Change-Id: I0d657fe81ca7f954152b172b93448545c984549e
Also: Fixed image link (backslash not needed).

8 months agoDon't use dev-master for libraries
Florian Schmidt []
Don't use dev-master for libraries

XenForoAuth is now dependant upon droidwiki/xenforo-bd-client in version
^0.1.0 instead of dev-master.

Change-Id: Idee4d96446e6f600475fbb6e489f56df2102f711

8 months agoImplement XenForoAuth
Florian Schmidt []
Implement XenForoAuth

First release which implements the following set of functions, mostly based on
* Log in with XenForo
* Autocreate account with XenForo
* Link existing account with XenForo
* Remove connection between XenForo and wiki accounts

Change-Id: I4d623916881500e67f291001d4721598d282a294

8 months agoAdd .gitreview
Florian Schmidt []
Add .gitreview

Change-Id: Ie78f68f0ba3f4d83a16bc48ef27782a5e24769e3

8 months agoInitial empty repository
Florian Schmidt []
Initial empty repository